Tekken 3 Apk For Android + Crack Full Version [Torrent]

Tekken 3 Apk Free Download

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Tekken 3 Apk Free Download

Tekken 3 Apk Mod is the most interesting game. This is a very good game made just for computer systems and PlayStation and can be played in a better way than a joystick. If you are one of the two or three PlayStation owners who have seen, played, or at least heard of Tekken 3, then it’s your lucky day. There are no more excuses. This is the best fighting game released to date so it is time for you to pry the controller out of your hand and go pick it up.


Selecting the players and entering a match is the same as it was on the PlayStation and has not changed. Veteran players who are playing this game after a long time will be amazed by the smoothness of this game when they play Download Tekken 3 Apk on their android smartphone.

The controls are left-hand joysticks and right-hand buttons on your mobile screen. Initially, you will have to work out the controllers but after a few tries, you will cruise through combos like playing in a console.

The best thing about Tekken 3 has to be the speed at which the game plays. Every move seems to fly directly from your fingers into the mind of your character and they obey instantaneously. There is little or no lag between the time you make the move and the time that it actually executes. If you don’t have this going, you may as well pack it in because today’s gamer wants that split-second reaction time and split-second is what you will get with this game.

Tekken 3 Graphics

Developers have managed to give you arcade-quality graphics with no add-on required. The characters and their movements are all fluid and natural. It was still amazing to just sit back and watch someone else play the game. The characters all reacted realistically. For example, when you hit someone in the side, they hunched over like they were hit in the side. This made Game Tekken 3 very realistic considering the age and the medium you are playing it on.

Tekken 3 Apk Features:

The features of this game are made in such a type that after playing one game every person will play a second time.


There are many characters in this game, which we can select according to our play.


In Tekken 3 there is a currency system by which we can upgrade clothes. We can also buy items by paying online because like other games Takken 3 also offers premium items that can be bought only by paying actual money.


Tekken 3 Apk Mod Latest Version Download

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  • If you are using a computer, move the apk to your phone)
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